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Customized fabric and craft appreciation

  With the infiltration of social economy and culture, suits have become an indispensable “everyday” dress for men in modern society. If it is not a perfect model, the ready-to-wear garments can’t be 100% fit, and even if it’s changed, it’s impossible. Get a good custom suit. Nowadays, Haute Couture has been slowly accepted, but […]

How many kinds of cotton are there? You are a common kind of cotton, you must choose the right clothes for your child!

It is necessary to have a T-shirt cotton material that is pure cotton! Do you have a sauce purple think? Others are chemical fiber! ! ! In fact, the number of pure cotton ~ ~ today is more commonly used in several kinds of pure cotton material! What are the advantages of cotton fabrics? Cotton clothes are made of cotton as […]

The practical significance of fabric remanufacturing technology for fashion designers

Fabric re-creation, also known as the secondary design of creative fabrics or fabrics, has become an important means of innovation for fashion designers. This paper attempts to analyze the fabric re-creation by introducing the characteristics of fabric re-engineering, and enumerates the application of fabric re-engineering in some of the major domestic apparel design competitions in 2010, […]

Dior, Dolce & Gabbana sweaters use imported top-quality fabrics to exquisitely embody the three-dimensional sense

Want to know more about the introduction of high-end luxury menswear, please pay more attention to me! Men’s sweaters, custom-made imported cotton fabrics. Italian printing, digital active technology, three-dimensional clear, custom-made contrast color thread, exquisite hardware, engraved brand logo, complete accessories, superb upper body effect The velvet exclusive “Who is there” version of the world! Silk velvet […]

Encyclopedia | What is the fabric of the island velvet?

What is the island velvet fabric ? Is the island velvet good? I believe that a large number of friends will find that the fabric is made of island velvet when they buy clothes. What kind of fabric is the island velvet? Today, the small series of the Internet of Things brings everyone to see and see the island velvet. […]

Today, let’s talk about the denim fabric technologist.

The circle of friends suddenly saw an article that looked like dry goods, and the title was very eye-catching: “Fabric Analysis Column: Get 100% correct product list in five minutes, make you trustworthy”, very powerful look. For the analysis of fabrics, I have always felt that there is no end to learning. Even if there is […]

Come and come, wear denim all day, but don’t understand denim fabric, do you mean to be a textile man?

1 cowboy’s origin When it comes to the origin of denim, it is natural to talk about the origin of denim. Denim, which is Denim in English. The origin of this name is said to be somewhat erroneous. Five hundred years ago, when Columbus discovered the New World, this tough, practical and rough fabric appeared, mainly used […]