Customized fabric and craft appreciation


With the infiltration of social economy and culture, suits have become an indispensable “everyday” dress for men in modern society. If it is not a perfect model, the ready-to-wear garments can’t be 100% fit, and even if it’s changed, it’s impossible. Get a good custom suit.

Nowadays, Haute Couture has been slowly accepted, but everyone may have a wrong concept and regard “fitness” as a standard. Of course, everything is nonsense in the face of disobedience.

Today, no matter whether it is custom or clothing choices, it is a bit too thin to choose a suit as the only standard. In fact, whether it is custom or direct purchase of clothing, the quality of the fabric itself is the embodiment of the core value of the product.

So, what determines the quality of the fabric?

The world’s top suit fabrics such as: DORMEUIL, Scabal, HOLLAND & SHERRY, CHARLES CLAYTON, these four British long-established and high-quality wool manufacturers; Ermenegildo Zegna ( Zegna) LORO PIANA VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO REDA CERRUTI 1881 (Zuo Nuo 1881), these are the giants of wool production in Italy, and also the benchmark for wool quality. . Domestic fabrics and imported fabrics will vary greatly in price, but whether you use domestic or imported fabrics, the ingredients are basically wool, and of course other ingredients, such as cashmere, linen, silk, which will be based on the season. Choose differently.

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