How many kinds of cotton are there? You are a common kind of cotton, you must choose the right clothes for your child!

It is necessary to have a T-shirt cotton material that is pure cotton! Do you have a sauce purple think? Others are chemical fiber! ! ! In fact, the number of pure cotton ~ ~ today is more commonly used in several kinds of pure cotton material!

What are the advantages of cotton fabrics?

Cotton clothes are made of cotton as the main raw material. Pure cotton textiles are interwoven by the warp and weft yarns. Personally feel the best feel is the number of cotton fabrics, the baby is more comfortable to wear, but the disadvantage is easy to wrinkle. After the addition of spandex yarn to the fabric, a small amount of addition can better increase the physical resilience of the cotton fabric. At the same time, it also maintains the texture and comfort of the raw materials. In addition, the addition of spandex at the neckline prevents the neckline from becoming loose and the neckline has a longer lasting elasticity.

When you see that there is another cotton/cotton, do n’t think that only 100% cotton can be called cotton, it just means that more than 95% of the cotton is made. But no matter whether it is cotton or cotton, everyone can’t misunderstand it as 100% cotton. For example, cotton socks are contacted every day. Generally, everyone misunderstands that it is 100% cotton processing. In fact, it does not mean 100%. Cotton, in general, clothes with a content of about 75% can be called pure cotton.

Cotton yarns are mainly divided into carded yarns and combed yarns. The combed yarn is made of cotton fiber as a raw material, and the cotton fiber of high quality is selected, and the combing process is added in the textile process. The combed yarn makes the surface of the fabric look neat and soft.

Compared with the texture, the bamboo cotton can be said to be the leader in cotton. Its unique breathability is nothing to do with other cotton materials. The cotton material has better sweat absorption and is more suitable for making. In summer, most of the half sleeves use this fabric. Bamboo cotton is more expensive than ordinary cotton fabrics. Cotton is easy to wrinkle. Easy to shrink and easy to deform ! The textile technology of bamboo cotton is a relatively new cotton making process. The cotton fabric is drawn and drawn to form a bamboo-like fiber texture effect. It is better than the normal flat needle cotton in terms of hand feeling, breathability and sweat absorption.

Odell has 95% cotton + 5% plant fiber fibrin spandex. There are many 95% cotton + 5% spandex on the market, but they can’t be called Odell. The general spandex is industrial synthetic, so it only has elasticity. No smooth, silky and breathable feeling! The cotton used by Odell must be made of fine cotton and plant fibers for textiles. Modal cotton, like cotton, belongs to the same cellulosic fiber and is a pure natural fiber.

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