Dior, Dolce & Gabbana sweaters use imported top-quality fabrics to exquisitely embody the three-dimensional sense

Want to know more about the introduction of high-end luxury menswear, please pay more attention to me!

Men’s sweaters, custom-made imported cotton fabrics. Italian printing, digital active technology, three-dimensional clear, custom-made contrast color thread, exquisite hardware, engraved brand logo, complete accessories, superb upper body effect

The velvet exclusive “Who is there” version of the world! Silk velvet double dragon embroidered zipper hoodie, uniform silk velvet custom Gucci special sweater fabric. The hardware three standards are consistent with dozens of colors of the line of mixed embroidery Shuanglong embroidery, double-sleeve ribbon faucet embroidery decoration for men and women can be controlled. Make your autumn and winter different

Dior Dior Sweater, custom imported fabrics. The latest version of the counter design, the original hardware, accessories logo, stereo cut, top quality, perfect appearance, free to enter the counter any pressure

MONCLER Mongolian sweater, imported from the air layer cotton sweater fabric. Soft, comfortable, breathable and textured, completely irritating to the skin, strong hygroscopicity, original hardware, accessories LOGO, precise cutting, version super! Perfect appearance, free access to the counter without pressure

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