Encyclopedia | What is the fabric of the island velvet?

What is the island velvet fabric ? Is the island velvet good? I believe that a large number of friends will find that the fabric is made of island velvet when they buy clothes. What kind of fabric is the island velvet? Today, the small series of the Internet of Things brings everyone to see and see the island velvet. What kind of fabric is the island velvet?

What is island velvet?

The raw material of the island velvet is a fabric name woven with the mixed silk of the island silk as the main warm silk + spandex yarn. It is a new type of fabric with soft texture and fine texture. The fabric feels softer than the velvet, gold velvet and other fabrics known for their softness. And it doesn’t lint, it won’t pilling, it won’t fade. The clothes made are breathable and perspiration, and they are not irritating to the skin.

The fluff of the island velvet is soft and comfortable, with elastic on all sides, firm and wearable, rich in color, elegant in color, and can be used to make clothing.

Island velvet production process

Firstly, in the production process of the grey fabric, the imported Karl Mayer warp knitting machine is used, and the weaving process of the full wearing method is adopted to make the cloth have the characteristics of double single layer, which can meet different process requirements.

Secondly, the cloth should be dyed. The dyeing process is a complex new process by segmental temperature control dyeing. The new process effectively enhances the color brightness of the finished textile products. Secondly, the cost of dyeing is also 10% lower than that of cotton yarns. The cost of fabrics is also cheaper than cotton.

Island velvet fabric features

According to the above introduction, we can understand that the island velvet is a textile fabric which is made of seaweed silk, spandex and warm silk, and its strength is 30%-50% stronger than cotton yarn fabric. The island velvet fabric is suitable for all-day weather. Its fabric can meet the requirements of garment design, self-cultivation and gloss, and also has good breathability. It can keep people feeling dry at all times, and it is super elastic on all sides.

However, the suitability of island cotton in storage still needs some attention:

1. During storage, care should be taken not to place it in high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment to avoid mildew caused by it;

2, suitable for wearing must reduce friction, pull and often change, all silk is not washable.

3, wash, naturally dry, iron, stack flat

4, the island velvet fabric clothing is suitable for washing only, not suitable for dry cleaning

5. When ironing, it is required to iron at medium temperature. When ironing, use less push-pull to make the garment stretch naturally.

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