Today, let’s talk about the denim fabric technologist.

The circle of friends suddenly saw an article that looked like dry goods, and the title was very eye-catching: “Fabric Analysis Column: Get 100% correct product list in five minutes, make you trustworthy”, very powerful look. For the analysis of fabrics, I have always felt that there is no end to learning. Even if there is such a powerful god appearing, I have to learn a lot, so I click on the details immediately. But the result is a little disappointing. I leave a message to my friend, “Laughter, I don’t know Dr. Bu. Have you been to a professional class?”

The tools used by Dr. Wenzhongbu to analyze the process are very simple: scissors, lighters, analytical needles, rulers, pens, and so few tools that can be used to make the process analysis of the fabric 100% correct. Dr., and the latitude and longitude density meter and electronic scale commonly used by professionals have not been mentioned. They can only express their admiration. They do not comment on other rigorous or speechless statements in the text, but they are still appreciative of their willingness to share. The public number is not more esoteric. Take this opportunity, today I will talk about the material of the denim fabric craftsman.

Denim fabric technologist, his main responsibility is to develop products, so that the fabrics produced by the company can meet market demand, stable quality, reasonable price, and the most reliable technical backing for sales clerk. I once said that fabric technologists are all-round talents. This is not because I have a craftsman complex and I am bragging about myself. This is a real fact. First of all, he has to be professional and must have enough professional knowledge to accumulate a lot of things that can complete the fabric. A denim fabric company can gain the trust of its customers. The key to its research and development is that its fabrics have distinctive characteristics, stable quality, high cost performance, and reliable sales. They are recognized by the market, and these are often directly dependent on Denim fabric technologist.

Fabric is the soul of clothing, and denim fabric technologist is the creator and creator of fabric, so the excellent quality requirements of an excellent denim fabric technologist are higher, have a very rich and comprehensive professional knowledge, and have sharp Eyes, keen market sense, and calm and persevering heart, it is not easy to develop or imitate a piece of fabric, and it takes a long time. It is not as good as a water-washing master. Even if the denim fabric is just a palm, it needs to undergo spinning, dyeing, weaving on the looms, post-processing, and then washing the water. The craftsmanship can not be less, and the time is not short. And often it is carried out by several factories separately, which is extremely laborious and hard work. Five minutes can be 100% correct, and only the gods can do it.

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