Come and come, wear denim all day, but don’t understand denim fabric, do you mean to be a textile man?

1 cowboy’s origin

When it comes to the origin of denim, it is natural to talk about the origin of denim. Denim, which is Denim in English. The origin of this name is said to be somewhat erroneous.

Five hundred years ago, when Columbus discovered the New World, this tough, practical and rough fabric appeared, mainly used to make sails. Because this cloth was originally produced in a small town in France, Nimes, it was named “Serge De Nimes” in French. When this twill weave fabric was first introduced to the UK, it was difficult for British merchants to pronounce the French word “Serge De Nimes”, so it was simply referred to as Denim, denim, and sometimes transliterated into tannin.

Denim is the meaning of denim, but it has far surpassed the name of a fabric, using denim clothing and accessories made from denim, growing up with movie stars, younger generations, fashion designers, never exiting fashion. stage. Tannin is the oldest fabric, because with denim, it is a fabric that is always young and timeless.

Denim cowboys are the trend of the fashion industry, no matter how the trend changes, the cowboy can always enter the people’s field of vision, I believe that everyone in the closet has such a denim clothes, jeans.

2 types of denim fabric

At present, the common denim fabrics mainly include: elastic, non-stretch, bamboo, bamboo, cotton, mercerizing, coating and other high-quality fabrics.

There are also a variety of denim, such as ordinary denim, combed denim, polyester-cotton denim, stretch denim, bamboo denim, ring-spun denim, gold and silver color strips, hemp cotton denim and so on.

How to distinguish different types of denim?

First, according to the thickness of the denim, it is divided into 4.5 amps, 6 amps, 8 amps, 10 amps, 11 amps, 12 amps, 13.5 amps, 14.5 amps, and the like.

4.5A is very thin, commonly used to make summer ladies’ vests, sleeveless shirts; 14.5 amps are very thick, used for winter men’s cotton quilted quilts; and most of the jeans we wear often from 8 amps to 12 amps Wait.

From the denim fabric type, it can be divided into plain, twill, herringbone, interwoven, bamboo, dark, and flocked denim… In terms of composition, denim is combed and carded, 100% cotton , with elastic (Leica), cotton and linen blended, and Tencel…

3 denim fabric craft features

How to sew a denim garment is the key to designing denim clothing:

Car line: Mostly 2 points unilateral double bright line, there are 2 points single bright line, 2 points double double bright line, the car line color is generally khaki (equal color line) also has color line, pay attention to the cloth after washing Color line. Special process lines such as the word line. Bold hand embroidery thread. Call the date.

Ingredients: Most of the cowboys use the button, four buttons, rivets, corns, leather cards, metal zippers and so on.

In the past two years, some big brands have launched three-dimensional cutting, adding more pleats at the knees, or one more face, to better enhance the movement of jeans. The tailoring of denim suits can reflect the strength of a version of the division, especially It is high in elasticity, it is difficult to make the sleeves flat, not wrinkle, and beautiful!

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